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My Homeland + Dub

Alvin Davis - 7" vinyl
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Great Old Men (2021)

Kendrick Andy - Digital Single
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Fire Rollin' + Dub

Alvin Davis - Digital Single
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About Iron Sound Records

Iron Sound Records (ISR) was originally set up in 2016. The founding member of the label has been active on the Reggae scene since the late 1980s and used to manage older labels like: Reggae Retro Records, Next Step and Top Beat. Initially, ISR was intended as an outlet for Alien Dread productions but swiftly expanded to embrace other artists and has become an umbrella label.

The ISR releases feature Alvin Davis, Monkey Jhayam (Brasil), Peter "Roots" Lewis, Kendrick Andy, The Blackstones, Frank Luz and others, primarily on Alien Dread rhythms. Artist, Asha B had his initial 7” release on his own label, Psalms 87 (through ISR) and his tracks are on his own rhythms, which were re-mixed by Alien Dread. Also, Anthony Que features on Winston "Niney" Holness (Observer JA) produced releases, courtesy of Gadd 59 Music.

There have been a plethora of releases to date, mostly 7" Vinyl, plus 10" Vinyl EPs and CD releases, also downloads are available for most releases, thru Zojak (US) on the usual digital platforms, I-Tunes etc. The vinyl and CD releases can be purchased on Amazon UK (from ISR & other sellers, or Amazon directly) or alternately direct from ISR.

We also have Bandcamp page, so feel free to preview many of our tracks and albums at that venue.

AD Studio UK (Bandcamp)

Shout out to all of our musical friends, including: Simon at Cold Clarity Imaging, Phil Whittaker & Annette Cambridge at Gadd59 Music, our old buddy Lumba (King Melody), Kendrick Andy, Frank Luz, Monkey Jhayam, Peter "Roots" Lewis, Martin Campbell, Derrick Morgan, all at Music House London, Alvin Davis, Asha B, Steven "Marley" Wright, Neville Brown, Shelly Lightin and not forgetting The Blackstones.